Cuore di Gelato events

Events are one of Cuore di Gelato’s specialities. Our beautifully designed Italian gelato cart allows us to bring the sweet taste of Italy to your chosen location… truly is a unique centrepiece, evoking memories of Italian summers.

We can cater for any events from a minimum of 50 up to 500 guests: weddings, birthdays, garden parties, corporate occasions – you name it, we’ll love to come along.

Our gelato cart is delivered ready to go with your chosen flavours, cups, cones, spoons and a member of our team smiling and ready to serve.

To enquire about your event please contact us.

Cuore di Gelato people lining up

Our gelato cart has been custom designed in Italy in a vintage style.

We have chosen a traditional method to store our gelato. Our gelato cart has been designed in the old fashioned way, using carapine tubs. These stainless steel tubs are placed inside the pozzetti wells, deep within the cart, storing the gelato in the dark and keeping it at the perfect temperature. Gelato oxidises with light, losing its natural colour, fragrance and depth of flavour. Storing the carapine tubs inside the pozzetti wells is not only the best system to store gelato, but also the most hygienic.